April 30, 2011

Color Club Total Mystery

I had plans to put all kinds of nail art on this one.  But then I saw how cool the color was and scraped it.  Turns out the color is only really cool to me because no one else could even tell there were more colors in here.  Oh well.

This is 3 coats Color Club Total Mystery.  Yeah, this shot is completely blue.  This was a little sheer in application too, but by 3 coats, it covered pretty well.  Again, I liked it a lot better in the bottle than on.  But it's one of those secret ones that's prettier to the wearer than others.

This one shows the purple flecks better.  They're in there... look close!!  Wait, I'll help out, here:

Check that out!  Pretty, right?  But unfortunately that's about how close you have to get to see it, lol.


Akuma Kanji said...

I love it! It's amazing! It's such a shame I can only look :( :P

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color!!

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nail crazy said...

wow, amazing :-D
i never even heard of this polish :-)

Midge said...

@akuma - haha, it is really pretty :)

@nail crazy - thanks! yeah, it's a newer one and soooo pretty!

Shahida shimul said...

Wonderfull I will buy Nail polish for my Wife like you advise. thanks.Beautiful Bangladesh

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