April 19, 2011

Spring time is here!

This mani just screamed spring to me.  It kind of reminds me of that area of Greece with the white houses against the blue water.  Not the right shade, but still, that's what it reminds me of, lol.  It's just so beautiful.

This is American Apparel Malibu Green topped with China Glaze Lightning Bolt.  I absolutely love American Apparel's polish.  They have a really good formula, it's opaque and has good coverage.  They have the best cremes.  I used 3 coats, but could have done 2 if I'd been more careful.  And the crackle is just amazing!  I love it, there's no doubt about it.  It makes the mani so much better, haha.

Yay!  Pretty!  Haha.  Enjoy!  :)


Afterglow Cosmetics said...

Love the marbelled effect on the nails.Looks really unique and gorgeous.It is very essential to maintain the nails well to look stylish and keep up with the rest of the dressing.mineral makeup

Akuma Kanji said...

I love it! I have a passion for crackles now! :P

Gwenn said...

Pretty combo, very "spring-y" :D

Midge said...

@afterglow - thanks!

@akuma - yay! they are so fun!

@gwenn - thank you, I agree ;)

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