January 31, 2010

Purple Dots

This was actually my first venture into nail art.  I only took this one photo.  I took it with my cell phone in my bathroom, so the lighting sucks, haha.

Start with a base of Sally Hansen Pat on the Black.  I used Stripe Rite White and Silver Glitter to make the flower in the bottom corner.  I made a few dots coming out of the flower with OPI A grape fit!  Then I used some clear top coat to stick a purple rhinestone in the center of the flower.

Blue Flower

I actually expected the base coat to be a little lighter and more opaque.  It looks more like I have nothing on the nail, but there is a slight rainbow hue.

I started with a base of Essie Gladioli.  Then I used a dotting tool to make a large flower in OPI Yoga-ta get this blue!  I did a few flicks and some tiny center dots on the flower with Stripe Rite White.

Hot Pink

I LOVE the new brush Sally Hansen has in the "Complete Salon Manicure" line.  The brush is shorter and rounded, completely flat and tapered so it's thicker towards the handle.  It makes it so easy to apply without streaking.

I did a base of Sally Hansen Shrimply Devine.  I did some stripes in black and gold glitter using Stripe Rite.  Then I made a dot flower in the corner using Avon Golden Twilight.
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