September 10, 2011

Arrrg, ye matey!

Haha, I loved the Pirates of the Carribean collex from OPI.  I liked it so much that I actually put the movies on my netflix (since I hadn't seen them yet) and have now watched the first 3!  I should have stopped after the first 1... but that's another issue.

This is 3 coats OPI Mermaid's Tears with dots of OPI Yodel Me on My Cell.  I absolutely love this dusty teal green.  I love teal already, but this shade is just to die for!  I love it!  So pretty.  And the application was fairly good too.  It was perfect, there's a bubble on the index finger, you can see.  But hey, it's worth it for this shade!

So pretty!  I love it!  Hahaha.  What do you guys think??
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