April 5, 2011

Grey skies

I had to check out the new OPI collection, of course.  And everything is based on Texas.  The land of the bigger and better.  Well, I think a lot of the colors look too similar, lol.  There's an orange, 2 coral shades and like 4 pink/red/purple shades... which are all in the same family.  From looking at other blogger's swatches, they all pretty much look the same to me!  But this one is different.  This is like a mega grey!

This is 3 coats of OPI It's Totally Fort Worth It.  I added flowers with OPI A Grape Fit!  I cannot sing enough praises about this polish.  It's a lavender grey with PINK shimmer.  Unfortunately, it's pretty hard to capture on camera... but my first finger there shows some.

Here's a close up on my index finger.  See that pink shimmer in there?  It's SO pretty!  It's easier to see in person, but it's not something others are going to see.  I tend to like polish like this because it's pretty for everyone looking at it, but it's SUPER cool to me.  Haha.

This photo shows pretty much none of that pink shimmer.  But it's still a pretty silver grey color.

Another shot, somewhat shaded.  This shows how sheer it is.  Apparently sheer is the new thing for OPI, lol.  I like the jelly quality of the "sorbet" polish they have in the collection, which is pretty much all the colors I mentioned above, but for this?  I'd rather have opaque.  If I wore it again, I'd use a grey base coat first.


Shiny! said...

Very cute with those flowers :)

tahillia said...

Cute mani! I love this polish. I only bought it and I Vant to be a Lone Star from the Texas collection and this one is my favorite bc it's so unique. I love the lavender that comes out in the gray and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink shimmer. *sigh* I may have to put it on tomorrow lol.

Midge said...

@shiny - thank you! :)

@tahillia - thanks! I know, I LOVE the shimmer. It's fitting for today, it's all cloudy and overcast here haha.

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