May 7, 2011

Models Own Utopia

I wanted this sooooooo badly.  I wasn't sure really what color it was.  Honestly, I'm still not sure.  Who the hell cares?  It's awesome!  It's color is awesome.  I hereby name this color awesome.  Carry on.

Ok, so ignore the fact that I didn't clean up.  This is 3 coats of awesome... I mean Models Own Utopia.  It applied like buttah and coverage was great.  I just wasn't doing well and made it streaky so I needed 3 coats.  I could have done 2 if I'd tried harder.

Seriously, what color is this?  Pink?  Purple?  Beige?  Marshmallow?  Whatever, I stand by awesome.

I added some Orly Etoile on top to give it some shimmer.  I think it turned out super pretty.  So if you have an awesome dress, wear this awesome polish with it!  HAHA


jaljen said...

This came in the post yesterday. I have been wanting it longtime. Hurrah!

Cotton said...

i love this colour too!! Need to get me a new bottle cos mines gone gloopy

Midge said...

@jaljen - yay! you will LOVE!

@cotton - oh no! can't have that, lol. try thinner?

GothamPolish said...

LOL pink? Purple? Who cares, it's a keeper! :)

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