February 2, 2011

Party Hearty!

Somehow I forgot to post this earlier.  I know pretty much everyone and their mother did this combo if they got this China Glaze Party Hearty.  BUT I don't care because it's just that awesome.  And it's still awesome even though it's not Christmas anymore.

This is 3 coats Orly Winter Wonderland topped with 2 coats China Glaze Party Hearty!  How pretty!  The Orly Winter Wonderland is fairly sheer, I believe I may have started with a base of 1 coat Sallen Hansen White On.  But the Orly gives it that frosty wintery feel.  The application on it was good, just sheer.  The China Glaze is just amazing.  It's a clear base with colored glitter, so you have to use a little purpose if you want all the nails to come out even.  You can see my middle finger has a lot more glitter than my pointer.

So cool.  I love this glitter.  It has small silver, medium green and large red glitter in it.  It's an amazing combo!  =D

Also, I just realized that I missed my blogiversary!  LOL.  I started getting some stuff together for a giveaway.  It will be coming soon!  Hehe.


Akuma Kanji said...

I had the pack by China Glaze that contained Phat Santa, Party Hearty and Jolly Holly.... I usually don't like to use glitters (but I love to see them on other nails) and I was really impressed that out of the 3 Party Hearty was actually my favourite! ;)

Leslie said...

So cute!

Midge said...

@akuma - it's definitely a unique glitter! I love the different colors and sizes, it gorg!

@leslie - hehe, thank you!! :)

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