February 18, 2011

Models Own Beth's Blue

I have to say... I absolutely love this color!  I love Models Own polish in general.  But this color is just so pretty!

 This is 2 coats of Models Own Beth's Blue.  You can't really tell, but I topped it with a coat of Nfu-Oh 40 for some flakies.  Then I added some interest with LA Colors Silver stripes.  I loved this mani even though it's so simple!

You can see the flakies a bit better in this shot, but not really.  It wasn't much better in real life either.  But how awesome is this color?  It's a greyed out light blue but not so gray that it doesn't look blue.  I don't know, it's just so pretty!

Application was amazing.  Very smooth, good coverage, good wear.  If I wanted to leave it on, it probably could have lasted a week.  But I'm just not that patient, lol.  I would definitely recommend this brand and this color.


nail crazy said...

i love it... the color, the flakies, the stripes... :-D

Midge said...

@nail crazy - haha, thanks! even though you can't see the flakies?? lol

Very Emily said...

Oh what a coincidence, I just bought this colour last week! I agree, it's sooo pretty! Really like the silver stripes :)

Midge said...

@very emily - isn't it? sooo pretty! :D

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