October 8, 2010

OPI: The Color to Watch

This is another color that surprised me.  I saw some swatches and didn't really like it.  But I had already bought it.  So it sat there for a bit before I actually tried it.  I heard a few people mention it was sheer, so I didn't bother trying it naked, I started with a base.

This is 1 coat OPI A Grape Fit! which is a nice bright purple.  Then 2 coats of OPI The Color toWatch on top.  This is a really amazing color.  It's like an icy purple color with magenta and blue flecks of sparkle.  It's shimmery and gorgeous!  It's most pretty in full sun, but you can see the flecks indoors too, just not as well.

Check those flecks of color!  How beautiful!  I loved this color.  It really is very neat.  It had good application and went on nice and smooth.  And so pretty.

I also used a new top coat for this mani.  China Glaze Fast Forward.  I have to say, it freakin smells!  BUT it worked like a charm.  These photos are after 3 days of wear.  Wear is the tip wear?  Not there!  What?!  Seriously, 3 days and zero tip wear, with OPI.  I couldn't believe it.  I will keep using it and do a review after a bit.  But so far, I'm impressed!


Jackie S. said...

The layering technique was smart, it turned out really well :)

Midge said...

@jackie - thanks! yes, I like this color, hehe

Twister said...


Bless (Vhlesz) said...

love it. the color looks great

Midge said...

@twister - thanks!

@bless - I think so too! :)

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