October 3, 2010

Broadway Nails: Chrome!

I have to say, these are amazing.  They look awesome in the package, but OMG!  It's like a mirror on your nails!  I got a bunch of compliments and awed looks.  Guys AND girls... everyone was noticing these nails!  If you follow me on twitter, you already saw a sneak peek of these, hehe.  I was too excited not to share!  And honestly, they came at a great time because I had just broken like 4 nails moving my stuff to a new desk at work.

This is how they come.  There are plain chrome nails and zebra prints!  The zebra print is black over the chrome, so it's still awesome.  And check that reflection!  How could you not fall in love?  The box has 24 nails in 12 sizes and comes with it's own glue and orange stick.

Once I found nails that fit, I used the included pink glue to put them all on.  The pink glue doesn't really matter for these particular nails because you can't see through them.  But I know if you have the french mani style nails that are a bit sheer, the pink glue would definitely be nice!  The glue isn't hard to use, you squeeze a few drops on and slide the nails into place.  I did not have a hard time finding nails that fit.  I had the option of chrome or zebra for every nail except my pinky.  I could have done my entire hand in zebra, but I liked the chrome too much, haha.  These nails come in medium length, but as you can see here, they are different lengths depending on the nail size.  My ring finger was noticeably shorter than my middle finger.  I liked that the nails tapered down on both ends so they were thinner at the tip and cuticle.  It made it look less like fake nails and more like pure awesomeness, haha.  I will say, I had crazy finger prints on the nails from putting them on.  It's like any chrome, it shows everything!  I had to wash my hands good and buff the nails shiny with a clean towel before taking the pic, lol.

After a day, they were just too long for me, so I filed them down some.  I was especially annoyed at the length difference between the middle and ring fingers, so I took care of that a bit.  I was afraid to file them thinking that the chrome might chip off, but I had no problems at all.  After I got them to a decent length for me, I put on a clear top coat to seal the filed edge and also to prevent those pesky fingerprints I kept getting, lol.  With so many people touching my nails, it was like a dressing room mirror... gross, lol.

For some reason I left my thumb longer than the rest, I don't know why.  I think just for the bling-tastic nature of it, haha.

Look at my reflection!  Hahaha.  I seriously could not stop staring at my hands while wearing these.  I left them on for a good 5 days and had NO chipping, NO lifting, just perfection.  People who don't do their nails couldn't tell they were fake.  People who know nails just loved the chrome!  I have to say these were amazing for every day, but if you have a party to go to... these would ROCK.  I would recommend them to everyone!  They're super easy to apply, stay on like cement, but come off easily with acetone when you're done.  And just in case you're wondering... the chrome did not even melt off when I took them off.  It just kind of peeled off in a sheet, lol.

Seriously, if you need a quick and awesome mani, keep these on hand and they will not disappoint.  I might just have to get a box to keep on hand for new years.  ;)

[This product was sent to me by the company or their PR firm for review.]


Katrina said...

those are SO cool! im not into fake nails but i'd definitely go buy a pack & try! haha

Jamie K. said...

wow wow wow. chrome nails!!! wished theres stuff like this here! :(

Midge said...

@katrina - I don't do fakes often, but for something like this... it's totally worth it!!

@jamie - hopefully they will come to your neck of the woods soon!

Lucy said...

Love those nails. I've never worn any false nails. These really look fantastic.

Midge said...

@lucy - thank you! I love them too! I kinda wish they were re-usable, haha.

Lolaa said...

I must admit that they look fantastic on your pictures, and I guess they're twice as fantastic for real!!
It's original, it's well applied, it's really great to look at, thank you for sharing this!

Midge said...

@lolaa - they are simply amazing in person!

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