September 8, 2010

Models Own: Purple Grey

To Chanel or not to Chanel... lol.  This is the rip off of Chanel Paradoxal.  I lurve it.  This is 2 coats Models Own Purple Grey and one coat CND Amethyst Sparkle.  Models Own polish is gorgeous by itself, but add in the CND effect and WOW!  I love the application on both of these.  The Models Own Purple Grey is very pigmented and gave nice even coverage.  The effect is nice and saturated so you only need one coat for that shimmer to pop!  I love the fact that the shimmer barely changed the color of the Models Own as well.  It just made the whole thing come to life.

Here's a better shot of the shimmer.  Sooooo pretty!  Love, love, love.  I think I said this in a comment... but I kinda wish I had interchangeable hands and I could just change them as often as I like.  Haha.  It would be fun.  Anyway, I love this color.  I would definitely wear this again.  So simple, but so pleasing!


Twister said...

Very pretty =^)

Joan said...

This is so lovely! :D It's a purple shimmer version of Paradoxal, there's not much taupe in it. (If there's any at all. :P) But it's a wonderful take, and your nails are so nicely shaped.

Midge said...

@twister - thank you! ;)

@joan - thanks so much! what a great compliment! :D

Jana said...

Gorgeous! I made my own version of Paradoxal using Nina- Never Glum Plum and Pure Ice - Busted.

Midge said...

@jana - awesome! I'm not too familiar with those colors, but if it looks anything like mine I know it's gorgeous ;)

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