September 16, 2010

China Glaze Vintage Vixen

I took a look at the fall China Glaze Vintage Vixen collection at my local Sally's.  I was tempted to buy them all, haha.  I tried to pick up something that I don't have much of.  I just so happened to pick Christmas colors, red and green, lol.  Oh well.  I actually picked these up a while ago, but they sat there for a bit.  And then I used them and took photos and the photos sat for bit.  Better late than never, right?

This is China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald.  2 coats!  Of course, Seche Vite on top.  I loved this application because it had great coverage.  The brushes from China Glaze are slim, but spread nicely on the nail.  No cuticle drag or other issues to note.

I love this color!  In these photos it's showing more teal.  In some light it was teal, in other light it was emerald green.  I have no idea why, but that really intrigued me.  I love that it's shimmery and not a true frost.  You can't really see the brush strokes, which is good for me since I suck at that, lol.

This is 2 coats Riveter Rouge with Seche.  Again, application was good, no real issues.  Good coverage and good opacity.

Since this was a deeper red with golden shimmer, I chose rhinestones to make the gold pop.  Check that giant orange one!  Love those over-sized rhinestones, lol.  This polish didn't change color in different light like the green did, but it's still nice and shimmery and pretty.

I loved both these colors and would recommend them!  And hey, if you're looking to do a christmas mani, this might be right up your alley in terms of shade, haha.


Twister said...

I really like Emerald Fitzgerald

Midge said...

@twister - yes, it is a great color. especially since it looks different in various lighting

Jana said...

Emerald Fitzgerald is on my wishlist, it's so pretty I can't wait to get it! I really like Rivetor Rouge on you too

colorfulbottle said...

I love both colors, I wish that CG polishes would be cheaper in Slovenia( about 11$)

I like the blog theme =)

Midge said...

@jana - it is gorgeous, you will not be disappointed if you get it!

@colorfulbottle - ouch, that's a little pricey, you can't buy it online for cheaper? and thank you! hehe ;)

MariaAndrea van der wall arneman said...

Im looking for that color too. It looks very pretty on your nails, by some blogs i have seen that the glitter could be a big issue applying the coast i doesnt goe smoot and the surface is a bit bumpy. Im talking about Riveter Rouge

Midge said...

@maria - thank you! I didn't have trouble applying it. the glitter seems fine enough to not cause trouble. give it a shot!

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