September 1, 2010

Color Club Bewitching

Let Color Club cast a spell on you!

I just got an email about the upcoming Color Club halloween set (click the pic to make giant)!  I wanted to share this sneak peek with you!  I'm really hoping they are highly pigmented.  I need a good black, lol.  And I love purple!  And maybe that glittery one has some holo in it?  We shall see!

I love halloween.  Mostly because it's all harvesty.  For some reason I really love fall and harvest-like activities.  Hay rides, apple picking, pumpkin carving (or in my case drawing on them with markers)... it's all great!  What's your favorite time of year?


Twister said...

I love this set. I like all the colors, but of course I have to keep in mind that black is my favorite color and purple is my second :)

DesertNails8 said...

I'm looking forward to your review of this product - so I'll know whether or not to order it. I love Halloween and this kit looks like fun. Going to make a carved pumpkin face on your nails? (Okay, I'm just wondering if it can be done, I might try that this year) Is any of it glow-in-the-dark?

Jackie S. said...

Great colors for halloween nail art!

Midge said...

@twister - lol, I hear that. I love purple and black tooooo!!

@desertnails8 - pumpkin faces would be SO cute! I will keep that in mind, hehe. not sure if any of it glows in the dark, but that would be cool!

@jackie - I agree! that's why I'm hoping the opacity is good... makes nail art so much easier

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