July 7, 2010

Color Club Haul!

Ever since I saw some swatches online, I've been drooling over OPI's MPJ and Color Club Revvvolution.  Since I'm not willing to pay an arm and a leg for polishes, I'll hold off on MPJ for now, haha.  Behold my holo haul!!!

Full sun.  Soooooooooo pretty!  Check out Revvvolution in the middle... drool!  I should have shaken them up some before I took pics but it was evening and I wanted to get them while the sun was still out.

My current Color Club collection!  I am totally in love with Revvvolution.  It's just as great in person.  I'm actually wearing it now, but that post will come later.  I'm loving Wild at Heart too.  Love purple and holo just makes it that much more amazing.  Not sure Catwalk Queen is really holo, I will have to wear that one to see.  It might just be a shimmer.  Who cares tho, it's so pretty.  Yay!

BTW, thank you all for the kind words lately.  I'm going through a lot in my life this year.  It's stressful and sad and I was really down for a while.  But I'm building up a defense through my friends and keeping busy with hobbies like nail polish!  I will make it through.  Thank you to everyone out there for giving me something to do!  :)


Jamie K. said...

im envious! :D

Millie said...

Pretty! Glad it's starting to get better for you. Hope things will get better for me too.

jaljen said...

Yay for nail polish. It's a good hobby to have. Must get me some Color Club. And blogging is a great thing to do. Yay for blogging.

Twister said...

Nice haul. Pretty colors.

susies1955 said...

Great haul. :) Isn't that so much fun.
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Tiana said...

Ooooow, I'm so yealous! This is an awesome haul! I'm inlove with revvvolution!

Hey, have you joined my Essence Eclipse giveaway yet? If not here's a link:

Jana said...

Great haul! Color Club is one of my favorite brands of nail polish :) And Wild At Heart is in my top 3 of polishes for sure (I even have a back up) it's incredible on - you have to try it soon!

Midge said...

thanks everyone! glad you like my haul, hehe ;)

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