July 24, 2010

American Apparel: Summer Peach

Such a sweet color!  This is 3 coats of American Apparel Summer Peach topped with some nail stickers I found at the bottom of my drawer... I don't know where they are from, haha.  And of course, 2 coats Seche Vite.  This polish had pretty good coverage and probably could have been fine with 2 coats, but I messed up a couple and just did a third coat on all of them to even it out.  This wore fairly well, I think I took it off after 3-4 days.  I had some tip wear but nothing crazy.  I love this shade.  It's like sherbet.  This would have been a great mani for some kind of outdoor party or something.  Maybe a graduation or a wedding.  I didn't have anything like that to do while I wore this, haha.  But I definitely love this polish.  I got a couple others from this brand as well, so I hope the formulation is the same for all of them.


Jamie K. said...

love this too esp the flowers :D

Stopdidine said...

It is very beautiful, very feminine, I like this varnish and the decoration.
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Enamel Girl said...

This is beautiful. I need to try this color.

Midge said...

@jamie - thank you. :)

@stopdidine - it is very feminine, I agree.

@enamel girl - you should! it is a beautiful shade. I recommend it!

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