January 9, 2011

Happy New Year!!

A little belated... but Happy 2011!!!  I hope this year is a lot better than last year.  I suffered a great loss in 2010, but I'm better for it now and I'm thankful that I was strong enough to keep going.

How cool is this?  I used 3 coats of Sephora by OPI 212-Sephora as a base.  It's an amazing black base with copper flakes and gold and iridescent small glitter.  I used Orly Luxe on the tips.  Then I added some Viva la Nails stars and hex glitter.  It was very fitting for the occasion.

So pretty!!!

Last shot, lol.  I loved this one.  I think it came out pretty and I got compliments as well!  :)


Cotton said...

real pretty!.

Trincess said...

this is really pretty =) love!

nail crazy said...

awesome,i love it :-)

Camy said...

pretty :)

Starving Nail Addict said...

I love your thin french tips. It makes the mani super adorable! Do you have problems keeping those stars flat? Whenever I use them, they always stick out from my nails.

Midge said...

@cotton - thank you!

@trincess - aww, thanks ;)

@nail crazy - me too! haha

@camy - thank you!!

@starving - thanks! I love the thin french tip look. I do have trouble with those stars sticking up. I try my best to keep them on a "flatter" spot of the nail, press them in really good and gob on the non-fast drying top coat before the fast drying top coat. Seems to help me really stick them on and lessen the scratchy edges. But I still get them.

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