January 17, 2011

Broadway Nails

I chose to wear a set of fakes to go on vacation a while back.  I didn't want to have to worry about the polish chipping or bringing polish with me to change it if I had to.  Fakes are pretty sturdy and last about a week on me without looking too gross, lol.

These are Broadway Nails which I purchased at Walgreens I believe.  The white tip was supposed to be UV sensitive and change to a purple with white stars.  Now granted it was pretty cloudy the week I wore these... but I only had 2 nails that showed any signs of color changing and it was barely visible.  I'm glad they had the other stars on them for some visual interest other than the tips... otherwise it would have been boring!  Haha.  But they went on well, stayed on all week, no issues there.  I soaked them off in acetone, which is my usual removal process.  That wasn't any more difficult than usual either.  Overall, I was very pleased as usual with this brand.


JustSomeNailsByMJ said...

These are pretty cute!

Akuma Kanji said...

I usually don't think fake nails are that funny but I'm surely in love with the ones you picked! They are really beautiful! ^__^

Camy said...

very pretty mani!

Midge said...

@justsomenails - thanks! :)

@akuma - thanks, some fake nails look really bad, but these fit well, so they look good!

@camy - thank you!

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