June 5, 2010

Wet 'n Wild: Candy Apple Twist

Oooooo!  I picked this up for cheap at the drugstore and couldn't be happier with it!  This is 3 coats Wet 'n Wild Candy Apple Twist with 2 coats Seche Vite.  Application was very smooth and easy.  This is a bit sheer and I can still see a bit of VNL, but it's not horrible.  This is a gorgeous coral red.  Bright as heck too!  I love it.  To me, it looks like the Eyeko Coral Polish, but I don't own that to do a comparison.  What do you think?  I stuck a fimo apple on my thumbs.  I was going to put apples on all my fingers, but they looked too big on the pinky, lol.  I picked them up at Sally's on sale recently.  Too cute.  This is definitely an eye-catching color tho.


ingegerd said...

i like it!!!But i like red colors!!!

Midge said...

@ingegerd - yeah, I totally fell for this color. I love it. very bright and bold!

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