June 8, 2010

Nfu-Oh 61

Ok, so let me just start out saying... I totally didn't listen to you girls about this polish.  I heard everyone saying you can't use regular base coat... but I still did anyway.  Oh man, was that a mistake.  This application was AWFUL!!  And then I had horrible chipping after just a day... so disappointing.  But pretty.

I tried a bunch of different angles to get the holo greatness to show up.  Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day and I had to put Seche Vite on to keep it from chipping, so I dulled out all the greatness.  Anyway, this is about 3 coats of Nfu-Oh 61, the silver holo.  I put some sticker jewels on top to make it more interesting.  However, the chipping was crazy and even with Seche, I couldn't save it and it was only on for 2 days.  Blah.  It went on like a streaky mess, which is apparently from the base coat, even though I use a sticky one... Nail Life Gripper (from Sally's).  If I attempt this again, I will not use a base coat and see how it goes.  Until then, I'm very disappointed.  Oh well.


amusedPolish said...

sad to hear that- do you have omg from china glaze? I hear layering it under the nfu.oh will help or the aqua base from nfu.oh (most people say then you'll only need 2 coats and will last longer on your nails

Midge said...

@amused polish - I heard the aqua base is supposed to work. I do not have OMG or any of the ChG holos. :( If I ever get my hands on some, I will try that out.

Jackie S. said...

This polish is on my "hit list" so pretty! Glad I read this I'll make sure to buy the aqua base

Midge said...

@jackie - yes, lol, do not make the same mistake I did! >.<

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