June 26, 2010

Models Own: Lemon Meringue

Ooooooo!!!!  I have to say I was wary about this color.  I know how horrid most yellows are to apply and they can look really weird.  Well not this one.  It was pretty streaky at first, but overall this had fairly good coverage.  This is 3 coats Models Own Lemon Meringue with 2 coats Seche Vite in shade.  I like these bottles because it gives you that giant white thing to hold onto to paint with.  Makes it easier for me.  The brush is pretty good too, it's the plain round one, but it serves it's purpose.  I love how pastel this color is.  Not too harsh, but still definitely yellow.  I got tons of compliments on it as well.  Very summery, or springy too.  These would make good Easter themed nails.

Full sun.  Love, love, love it!


Twister said...

Very pretty :o)

Katrina said...

that polish is..GORGEOUS!!!

susies1955 said...

I LOVE pale yellows. This is awesome.

Midge said...

@twister - thanks! :)

@katrina - I agree. love this color.

@susie - this is my first pale yellow and it is awesome.

Jackie S. said...

This polish makes me hungry for desert! So sweet and pretty!

Midge said...

@jackie - haha, I agree! it would go great with lemon meringue pie ;)

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