March 25, 2010

Orly: Snowcone

I had to do my nails before my trip to Colorado and I wanted something snowy... so I picked Orly Snowcone!  I have to say this is a lovely Robin's Egg blue.  However, the consistency of mine is very strange.  It's almost oily.  Has anyone else had that issue?  I rolled mine in my palms for a good while and there was still a ring on the side that looked not-completely mixed.  I started painting it on and it totally dragged off in the center of a few nails.  I've never come across this problem before.  This is 3 thickish coats with 2 coats Poshe on top.

And yes, I tried Poshe again.  And yes, I still don't like it.  My nails started chipping after a day and after 3 days, the TC peeled off!!  What the hell!!  And on top of that a bunch of my nails broke off so now I have nubbins.  Very disappointing.  I'm seriously considering going to get gel nails.  I hear they can do them fairly natural looking and thin.  Anyone out there have gels?  Opinions?

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