March 7, 2010

New Haul!

I need to rant for a sec...

So, I was going to this salon to get my hair cut and paying an arm and a leg each time.  I found out a co-worker of my mother's was also going to this salon, but left for a new place and totally loves it.  She told me I could save probably 60% and that the stylist was amazing.  Now, granted... this woman gets cut and color where I only get a cut.  However, she straight up lied.  I go to this new salon and it's set up like a chain place, but I don't think it is one.  There's no one at the front desk... when the phone rings or someone walks in the door, one of the stylists have to stop and go tend to them.  The girl puts me right into the shampoo chair without even asking me anything about my hair or what I want.  I'm used to having a "consultation" before a first-time cut so that they know what your hair is like and how it's cut when you come in.  She washes it and puts me in the salon chair and THEN asks me what I want.  I give her an overview of what I am willing to do to my hair (little to nothing) and the kind of cut I currently have.  She asks me where my part is and I tell her.  As she's cutting, she proceeds to part it the wrong way, so I point that out and she fixes it.  I have side-swoop bangs and when she goes to cut them, she pulls them the wrong way.  I tell her and she says, "Oh, right."  It's been months since my last cut and they had grown almost to my chin and she only cuts them to my mouth.  I tell her they need to be shorter and she asks where to.  I told her to cut them to eye level so when they are dry, they'll sit at eyebrow level.  So she cuts them to the bottom of my nose!  I gave up at this point.  She blows my hair out straight and gives it absolutely NO body what-so-ever and blows the bangs out the wrong way.  When she's done, she asks if it looks ok.  I tell her it's fine.  I pay my cheap bill and leave.  When I get to the car, I have a million tiny hairs on my face along with the frown.  I actually contemplated going to my regular salon which is only a few minutes away and telling them to fix it.  I decided not to because I felt guilty for not just going to them in the first place.

ANYWAY... I felt so down after all that so I decided to go to Ulta and pick up a few polishes to make myself feel better!!  I went a little over-board.  Hah.  On to the pics!

I remembered seeing Borghese Stellare Notte, a dark rainbow shimmer like an oil-slick, on someone else's blog and saw the same color.  I picked up it and Plumaggio Purple, a dark purple with pinkish shimmer.

I got Orly Luxe, a gold foil, and Cotton Candy, a baby pink cream.  I have a weakness for pink, so I couldn't help it.  And the gold foil - I mean, come on!

I loved my OPI DS Classic mani so much that I had to get a couple more from this line.  I picked up DS Opulence and DS Coronation.

My goal for the trip was to come out with a nice green for a possible St. Patty's mani.  I found these 3 greens.  The first is essence 18 Check Me Out, a Euro brand, which just recently debuted in Ulta in USA.  They only have the colour & go line, which I hear isn't the greatest, but at $0.99, I couldn't help it anyway.  The second is Ulta Limelight, which to me looks like a grass green.  The last is a brand I've never heard of, LA Splash Golden Seahorse.  This polish looks like China Glaze Audrey with gold glitter!!  This brand had only a few polishes, but it was a small display in general.  There were various make up goodies and I think I may have to get some in the future.

Much to my surprise, I got a free gift!  An OPI Spring Chic mini pack.

OPI Ink, Rosy Future and a Top Coat.  I love the minis.  Really, I love anything mini-sized.  They are super cute just because they are small.

WOW!  That was a lot of pics.  And a lot of polish, haha.  I'm not really one to do swatches just for myself... so if you want to see any of these alone, let me know.  I'm more of a swatch-of-opportunity, lol.  Like I need something on my nails for a couple days and so I throw something on.  But if you ask, I will do it!  ;)


gildedangel said...

Great haul!

Michèle said...

Ugh stuff like that always happens to me too (the hairdresssers story), can't stand it, don't even want to go in anymore :')

Great haul though :-D

Midge said...

Thank you! hehe, yeah, it's definitely annoying, but what goes around comes around, right?

Beauty Vibes said...

Nice haul! Rosy future looks very cute, like bubblegum :P

xXMonsterManiacXx said...

Bloody hell. The hairdresser's I go to... where there is only one person btw, treats you like a queen.. or almost. She always confirms what cut what I want or style etc before starting to wash my hair. Then washes my hair, and when trimming my fringe always pays extra attention to it because she knows I'm picky about it.
You just had a bad experience, so try finding someone else? If not stick to your salon =/
But you really shouldn't be paying so much when there are cheaper alternatives who could do just as good of a job!
Loving the haul <3

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