February 25, 2010

OPI: Pearl of Wisdom

Normally, my mani lasts a week (give or take a couple days).  This week, not so much.  I don't know if it's just the polish or if something happened.  Who knows.  Anyway, I just did a plain color to hold me over.  I chose OPI Pearl of Wisdom.  It is super sheer, but very pearly.  I'm undecided on it.
This photo looks like I did NOTHING.  Which frankly makes me angry.  There are angles that just don't show any color at all.
This one at least shows some of the pearly sheen.  This is 3 coats with top coat (Seche Vite).

There are more colors to it IRL.  There is some blue, green, pink, orange, yellow and tiny flashes of silver glimmer.  It's much prettier in the bottle.  Oh well.  This would make a great base for a french tho.  The application went very smoothly.  A lot of these types can streak very easily and I didn't have a problem with that.  I'm not a huge fan of sheers all by themselves.  But for today at least, I will leave it be.


gildedangel said...

This is a lovely color, I saw it in the store and the first thing I thought was how pretty it would probably be layered!

Midge said...

It would look better layered. I will have to try that at some point

amusedPolish said...

I've seen this layered over black and it becomes a purple.... definitly a polish wich is meant to be layered

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