February 6, 2010

OPI Haul

OPI Haul!  I got a bunch of new shades from OPI, but also picked up the Essie matte about you top coat.  I've been wanting to try a matte look.  Hopefully I can do some new looks with these colors soon.

clockwise starting from the bottom left:
All 4 are from the Hong Kong collection.
Pearl of Wisdom - it turned out very peach in the photo, but in real life, it's a very light opalescent pearly color
Jade is the new black - a dusky green, looks a little more hunter green in the photo than it does in real life
Meet me on the Star Ferry - a purple and gold shimmer
Suzi says Feng Shui - dusky blue, still fairly bright

Left to right:
Essie, matte about you - a matte top coat
Mad as a Hatter - Alice  in Wonderland collection.  A rainbow glitter, but heavy on the silver glitter
DS Classic - a nude beige rainbow shimmer

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