November 11, 2010

Models Own Jade Stone

There is just something about Models Own polish.  For the most part, they are so easy to apply, have great opacity... I just love them.  So I had to pick up a few more when they had the 50% off sale!  C'mon, that's a crazy deal!  For some reason, I got a bunch of pastel colors, haha.  But this one was the one I was really looking forward to.

 This is 2 coats of Models Own Jade Stone.  It's so creamy and delicious!  This applied like a dream.  Not too thick or too thin, great coverage.  I like these brushes, they are easy to handle and control.  Another thing I love about Models Own is the wear.  I had no trouble with chipping on this.

This is full sun.  Looks very minty in this pic.  It is minty green in some light, more blue... and in other light it's more yellow and like a true green.  I like that aspect too.  Makes it more interesting.

Indoors, a little less minty in this shot.  I still kind of want to eat it tho, haha.  Love this color and application.  Everything about it is just bliss, hehe.


Joan said...

This is a really pretty colour! :D

Michelle L. said...

I love it! I was dead broke during the sale and sooo sad that I couldn't get any. This was definitely one I was lusting after! :)

jaljen said...

Pretty name, pretty polish. These kinda shades often go on streaky so this sounds a real winner.

Sara.H said...

Oooo! Such a pretty color :) Love it!

Jackie S. said...

This is really nice!

Midge said...

@joan - yes it is, I love it!

@michelle - I would say it's def worth having, so you should pick it up when you get some cash, lol

@jaljen - it is very pretty! not streaky at all.

@sara - me tooooo!

@jackie - thank you ;)

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