May 13, 2010

50 Followers Giveaway!!!


YAY!  50 followers!  I appreciate you all.  I read all your comments and try to visit and comment on all your blogs too.  I love this little community!  To show how much I do appreciate you all, I'm having a giveaway!!

Here's what you can win (left to right):
  • Claire's Cotton Candy (scented)
  • Milani HD (holo)
  • Borghese Stellare Notte
  • Revlon Ocean Breeze (scented)
  • China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy
  • China Glaze Flying Dragon
  • Mini Mango products: Cuticle Remover, Mango Magic Oil and Mango Mend

 Now, here's the rules!  Follow them or you will be disqualified.  Please only post ONE comment with all your entries in it.
  1. Leave a comment on this post with a valid email
  2. You must be a follower (I will check)
  3. This giveaway is open to everyone, international and not
  4. Optional extras:
    1. Tweet about this giveaway and provide a link (1 entry)
    2. Post a link on your blog, your blog's designated contest section or your personal website and provide a link (1 entry)
  5. Entries MUST be in by May 31st.  As long as it's May 31st somewhere, your entry will count.


c.lette said...

i love ur stuff

Smoochiefrog said...

smoochiefrog at comcast dot net

I follow via my google reader, but I added myself to the friend connect just to be safe.

I tweeted:

Amy said...

Awesome! I'm a follower- Amy,

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please! I'm a new follower from Spain!

Ana Belén R.M

fisiwoman said...


Ana Belén R.M

Christina said...

Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!
I follow through Google Friend Connect.

Rebie said...

I'm a new follower (rebie59),
my email is mesvernisamoi (at) gmail (dot) com
I posted on my blog here:

susies1955 said...

Cool giveaway.
My email is
I'm a follower with google friend connect with the name susies1955.
I tweeted:
I blogged about it on my sidebar:

Katrina said...

congrats on your 50+ followers!! =)

im following.
knailblog @ yahoo . com
blogged here [right-hand side bar]:

Stephanie said...

I'm a follower!

peripatetic33 said...

peripatetic33 google follower
peripatetic33 at hot mail dot com
enter me please and thank you

Karine said...

congrats! I already have your feed on my reader and now I'm a follower too.

ginnn7 said...

Hi I am a new follower ginnn7
Thanks for the giveaway.

Tanya said...

hi i'm a follower on gfc! thanks for the giveaway. my email is

Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes said...

Sweet giveaway! Please enter me. I'm a follower as Dragonrhia through my blog LacquerWareforTipsandToes. My email is: dragonrhia(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you!

Frumusikapro said...

Hy ,awesome giveaway !
*I`m a follower with GFC name; Andreea
*I tweeted here :
*I blogged about this awesome giveaway :
*My email :

Nikki Warner said...

Thanks for the giveaway

I'm a follow GFC Nikki
Tweeted here

Added you to my contest section

Come visit me I'm having a giveaway too!

ChaosButterfly said...

I'd like to enter!

1. I follow through google connect, my name is Chaosbutterfly there.

2. I put your giveaway in my contest sidebar on my blog:

Congrats on making 50 followers, and thanks for hosting this giveaway! ^_^

Sara.H said...

hey i am follower and please enter me

Sara.H is my nickname on the followers list

I tweeted about it here:

and blogged about it in my sidebar:


Lovely Giveaway :)



Joan said...

You now have another follower. :) I like your layout/background. The owl is tres adorable!

Please enter me into your cool giveaway. I like NPs! I follow you and my username is "joaniipoo".

Thanks! <3

Carmencj.88 said...

Enter me please!!

I follow you as Carmen Cánovas.
I tweet your giveaway here:

Joan said...

Sorry, I got too preoccupied admiring your background that I forgot to include my email. It's:


Thanks again!

Hini said...

Hi I'm a new follower from France, I just discovered your blog and I must admit I'm already a fan.
Seriously, the little owl of your template is super cute !

I'm a follower via Google Friend Connect, my name is Hini.
My email addrss is daffylosophy [at] gmail [dot] com

My fingers are crossed, thanks !

Redz2486 said...

I follow through Google Connect.

redz2486 (at)

amber_ said...

congrats on obtaining 50+ followers!
5doniforum {AT} gmail {DOT} com
thanks :)

MartianDelights said...

I am a new follower, I love Peacock's green too but there are so many nail colours I want at the moment I can't make a decision lol :)
I have posted your giveaway in my box on the right side of my blog,
Good luck to all !
Lorraine x

Nós said...

Hi. = )
*I'm a new follower with GFC - #74 = D

*I put your giveaway on my sidebar.

Andreia. xoxo

amusedPolish said...

Please enter me :D

I follow through google friend connect, with the nickname "amusedPolish"

I've blogged about your giveaway here:

Sofie said...

I'm a follower;)

xXMonsterManiacXx said...

I'm a follower ! =]

Ggggg said...

I am a follower and this is a FANTASTIC giveaway - all the colors I ever wanted but were afraid to buy!

Jan said...

nice giveaway! :)

i am follower via GFC - Jan.
email: hueandme.jan @ gmail .com

Stopdidine said...

Hi, thanks for this giveaway :)
I am a follower via google : Nail art
I blogged about it here :
My e-mail :
My blog :

Ria said...

I'm a follwer via gfc

Jo said...

I'm a follower and I'd like to enter :)

wund3rkind said...

I'm a follower, thanks for the chance to enter. =)
My valid email is wund3rkind [at] gmail [dot] com.

Konadobsession! said...

Great giveaway!
I am a follower: Carli,

missreneer said...

I am a follower!!! Thanks for the great contest :)

Hind&Hare said...

I am a follower.

Laura @ Sawan-Heaven said...

Yay! Congrats on the followers. :o)

I'm following you:
Laura @ Sawan-Heaven

Your giveaway is on my sidebar:

Saori said...

Hi, enter me please :) Congrats for followers ^^
I am a follower via google : Saori

I blogged about your giveaway here :

My e-mail :

Sharon said...

Hey, I'm following you through gfc, name is Sharon. Email address: sweetdreamyisland(at)hotmail(dot)com.

Tweeted about this here:

Blogged about here:

Chuchy said...


I'm a follower and my follower name is the.chuchy


Great giveaway!

Eminna said...


I follow you as Emina95 and my email is

Enter me please!

Kiara said...


Enter meeeee!

My follower name is KiaraMagicEye

Darka said...

I love your blog!
Enter me!

I follow you - follower name darkerica95

Email addres:

Katjuska said...

Hi! Wanna enter!
I am a follower!
email: katjuska4 [at]

l0verlada said...

Please enter me :)
I'm a follower under this account: l0verlada
My email is:

Emybloom said...

Wow what a wonderful giveaway, how can I possible resist!

I'm a follower (emybloom :))
midgetgem at

Good luck everyone!

Spamgirl @ said...


I'm a follower on Blogger/Google Friend Connect as spamgirl. :) Thank you!

Spamgirl @ said...


I blogged your contest: . Thank you!

Spamgirl @ said...


I tweeted: . Thank you!

Enamel Girl said...

cool giveaway!!!

i'm a follower. my email address is

i also blogged about your giveaway here

Lucy said...

Congrats on all the Followers. Please include me in the giveaway. I'm a Follower on Google. Thank you.

stampingnails said...

I'm a new google friend follower. Name use is StampingNails.

My email:

I posted your giveaway on my website:

Please pick me! and Thanks for posting this giveaway!

Angela said...

I'm following through Google. Thanks for this giveaway! :)

Suzanna said...

Congrats on your 50+ followers my dear! how exciting! I would so looooove to enter this giveaway! how sad is it that i dont own any China Glaze!!!??? I want to get my hands on one even just one soo bad! I cant find them in any drug stores here!

p.s I am having some great giveaways too if you are interested!


renee said...

Please enter me!
reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

I am a GFC follower
I tweeted

Tiana said...

I'd like to enter your giveaway!

1) Am a follower, my e-mail:

2) your giveaway is in my giveaway section in my sidebar. go check it out ere:

Fingers crossed! <3<3<3

Abso said...

Hi :)
I'm a follower via Google Friend Connect my pseudo is Abso. Enter me please.
My email is

Thanks for the giveaway :)

you nailed it! said...

Hey I just discovered your awesome blog!
I love it!
1. im a new follower reneequekel(at)
2. your site/give away is on my bloglist
3. i tweeted:

Claire's Blog said...

I'm a follower via Google friend account (Claire's Blog).
Enter me please !

MissT said...

Hey I found your blog via another blog look forward to more from you. I'm a follower now too.

MissT said...


Emma said...

-my email is dance_addict93@hotmail (dot) com
-I tweeted here:
-I blogged here in the sidebar:

roswell said...

i follow you (roswell) and would love this for my teenage daughter who loves to do nail art
roswello athotmail dot com

roswell said...

i tweeted
roswello athotmail dot com

cupcakequeen22 said...

I'm a follower: cupcakequeen22

email: dchen22 [at]


chocaddict said...

what an awesome giveaway!!
all those polishes have been lemmings of mine for a while, I'm really keeping my fingers crossed :)
So, I'm a follower, my email is
moncoinamoua (at) hotmail (dot) com
I blogged about your giveaway in the left column of my blog:
thanks for giving us this opportunity :D

Silverstargirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LIZ said...

hi, i am your follower :)

enter me :)

i already make a link in my blog to your giveaway :)


Charlene said...

thanks for this lovely giveaway =D

maeloland said...

Hi! thanks for this giveaway!
I'm a new follower via google: Maelo
My e-mail is

jaljen said...

Whoa. 50 followers? More than 100!!!
I'm approaching 50 myself so I'm in awe of you at 115.

I'm jen and a new follower.
I'm going to blog about your giveaway tomorrow on

darlingfemme said...

I'm a follower! :)

Eliane said...

Lovely giveaway, I would love to enter!
I'm a follower :


Ana Rita said...

Great prizes ^^

I'm a new follower and my email is aninhax[@]gmail[.]com


I linked your giveaway in my sidebar:

Thanks for this opportunity! =D

Ayuu said...

Hi ! I'd like to enter :)

I'm a follower with GFC (Ayuu) and my email is ayuumi(at)hotmail(dot)fr
I made a link to your giveaway in my sidebar (

Thank you :)

Taki J said...

Hello and thanks,
I am a follower. johnsonnjb at gmail dot com

On my blog giveaways page or

Taki J said...

Ooops put the wrong link, it is late and past my bedtime. Sorry about that. or

ingegerd said...

hi iam a new follower,and i love your blog.and i love your giveaway.

my email is


Laura said...

I'm a new follower, thanks for the chance to win!

I follow through Google reader.

Huguette E. said...

I'm a new follower :)


Thanks for the chance!


jaljen said...

Blogged about ya! Borghese, Flip Flop and cuticle remover with mango! Heaven.

Catherine said...

Great give away!

My e-mail is:

I tweeted about your giveaway here:

Cynthia said...

Yay! Thanks for this giveaway! I'm a recent follower.

my email is cmumpy(at)gmail(dot)com

i also tweeted about your giveaway!


shala_darkstone said...

It would be so exciting to win! I follow you via Google Friend Connect.

Here's my tweet -

Jennifer said...

hi i'm a follower, please enter me <3

tryme.imtoxic (at) gmail (dot) com


Thifa said...

Thanks for the giveaway and congrats for the followers :-D

I'm a follower myself and I'd like to take part into the giveaway. My email is thi fane (at) g mail (dot) com

I also posted your giveaway on my blog


Alisa said...

Love your blog.

I'm a follower, enter me please!

polish fiend (at) bell (dot) net

silvia said...

Hi! Congrats on the followers :)
I am also a follower (via google)

I linked you on my sidebar:

silvialima (at)


xseiya said...

Thank you for the giveaway! The goodies look wonderful!

Following this blog via GFC
Blogged about this giveaway:

Thank you *crosses fingers*

toodamnclassy said...

look for JENNIFER PATRONE or Toodamnclassy

4. Optional extras:


Helena (XOXO Parisky) said...

Hi! I'm a new follower via GFC as Helena :)

Lovely giveaway!

P.S. I hope you will enter my giveaway as well ;)

avalonne83 said...

I'm a follower through Google Friend Connect (avalonne83).

Please count me in. Thanks.

avalonne83 [at] yahoo [dot] it

Spot on Beauty said...

Hi Id love to enter

my email is and Im following as spot on beauty


stephanie said...

Following through Google Friend Connect! name - stephanie

Lindsey said...

I'm following through Google Friend Connect. My preferred email is lnhreads at yahoo dot com.

I tweeted about your contest here:

Veronica said...

omg enter me my email is and my blog is
ur in my sidebar
loove the neon purple

Awaiting (deya.) said...

please enter me. :)
my email is deyaaliaga at hotmail dot com
and your giveaway's in my sidebar at
this is a fabulous giveaway. :D


xnosugaraddedx said...

hi!! count me in! :D

followed u thru Google Friend Connect under the name xsugaraddedx.

blogged here :

twitted here :

thank u! :D nikita.sikawah[at]gmail[dot]com

Charlène said...

Hi !

I'm a google follower.
Charlen Jacques /

I blogged about it :


Jana said...

Thanks for such a great giveaway!
my email is SoftballPixie08@gmail(dot)com

B said...


I'm following via google friend connect!


B said...

I also just tweeted about it here:

Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

darlingfemme said...

Enter me please!
I'm following via google friend connect!

rebeccabostwick said...

Enter me, pretty please! rebeccabostwick[at]yahoo[dot]com

meeel said...

Enter me!!! please!!
and it's posted on the side bar of my blog ^^

Vedra said...

Hi! Please enter me - I'm a new follower via Google Friend Connect (ID: vedra), my email is vedra(AT)

Thank you for hosting this great giveaway! :)

throuthehaze said...

Great giveaway! I am a follower :)
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

meese go roar. said...

:] Follower, ma'am, via... Regular blogspot following, I think.

Have a wonderful day.

adeline said...

I'm a follower (adeline)


Sara said...

Enter me please!!

I'm a new follower (Sara)


Taj Acosta said...

I'm a follower ;)
Great blog by the way doll!

Patrícia Xará said...


I tweeted:

I have a link to this giveaway on my blog's sidebar.

Thank you!

choco.muffin said...

Hi! I'm a new follower. Can you please enter me:

choco.muffin [at] live [dot] com

krex said...

I'm a new follower by GFC, nickname krex

I've put your giveaway on my giveaway page on my blog!

Pika said...

I just discovered your blog, I'm kinda obsessed with anything related to nail polish lately. I follow through GFC. My e-mail:

IK said...

Please enter me for your awesome giveaway :)
I follow your blog via GFC by the username 'Ezzy'.


Shaim said...

I am a follower shaim

Tweet about this giveaway

Blog about it

Beka said...

I'm a follower! Enter me please. :)
hot_ring_gal at

Piper said...

Im a follower nettysgirl at

ipehishere said...

Enter me preety pls :D

im new followers via google friend

i put your giveaway link one my "awesome giveaway sidebar":


thank you :)

Lucisek said...

Hi, I'm follower Lucisek-Lucy's Stash

I tweeted

I also posted about your giveaway on my blog (under the blog archive



Jackie S. said...

I am a new follower via google, Jackie S.

I added your giveaway to my giveaway side bar

Check out my giveaway too! :)

alesia60614 at yahoo dot com

ANSTAH said...

Hi there! Please add me to your giveaway. I follow through GFC: ANSTAH, my email is nailstah@gmail(dot)com.

Thanks in advance for hosting such a generous giveaway, and congratulations on all your followers!


shortnails said...


my name is Li Lian and I would love to be entered in this giveaway. My email is

1. I am a follower under gfc: li lian
2. I posted about your giveaway on my blog:

erika said...


I follow your blog with the name nyappy_girl
my adress mail is

And you are in my blogroll and my giveaway section here =>

elaysi said...

Such a lovely giveway that =D

Im a follower, named elaysi, my adress is


Binara said...

Hi, I´m a follower, too!
My name is s.lam, and I put your link on my sidebar and in a post on

Thanks :o)

Margarida d'Oliveira said...


I'm a follower, too =)
my adress is

I've posted here:

Good luck to all

koreandream1990 said...

im a follower thru gfc under ybsboss
my email:

Mandarina said...

Hello!! :3 I'm a follower^^
this is my e-mail! :
and here I've posted =3

Nice blog! I like it so far *o*

Ju said...

Hello I'm a follower (Ju)
Email :
Put in side bar -

Grace Wong said...

thanks for the cute giveaway, the prizes look exciting!

I followed you!


and blogged:

Rock_n_roxx said...

Hey you ;)
I want to participate to the giveaway :D
I'm a fallower : Rock_n_roxx
I talked about you here :
Thanks !

Rock_n_roxx said...

I forgot my e-mail :

rita said...

really love this giveaway it's wonderful!

i'm a follwer and my email is

kisses :)

Jocelyn said...

One entry please

I follow you via Google with

Anastasia said...

Hi!!! I follow your blog via Google Friend Connect (nastjanastja).

Tweet about this giveaway:

my email: nastjanastja[at]

Jocelyn said...

I follow through Google with Jocelyn Wong (

One entry, please and thanks for this giveaway :)

The Green Fairy said...


I follow ya! :)

Does it really smell like cotton candy?

Wouldn't wanna chew my fingers off

yann said...

I'm a follower via google friend connect.
Thanks for the giveaway.

laguimauve said...

this giveway is ... WAOUH !! as your blog! *___*
my mail is

Stefy said...

Congrats hun!
Follow ya all the way! :)

I posted bout your giveaway in my right sidebar

bluwnini said...

hi! I follow you and This giveway is fabulous! I want to partcipate!
my mail is! I wish to be lucky!!

Leah said...

I'm a follower through GFC.
Leah, leeblee41(at)yahoo(dot)com

Nelsby said...

I am publicly following your blog on Google Friend Connect (username Nelsby). Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway - I would be SO thrilled to win!
sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

Nelsby said...

sierranelsby (at) gmail (dot) com

Aimee Jeffries said...

New follower on blogger (Aimee Jeffries)

miih uckermann said...


I'm a follower - Miih Uck

Gabriela said...

I`m a new follower. Thanks for the chance!


Gabriela said...

I tweeted:

Thanks for the chance :)

April said...

I'm a follower with GFC.


I blogged.

Thanks for all of the hard work that goes into your blog!

Juli said...

I'm a new follower :]

I posted a link in my sidebar:

I tweeted:

thanks for the giveaway!

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