April 25, 2010

Models Own

So I was jealous of all the posts I saw of Model's Own polish.  I live in the USA, so it's not a local thing for me.  I finally took a leap and ordered a few... ok, a bunch.  Anyway, talk about a mood-lifter!  I saw this box and got all giddy despite my sadness.

oooo... pretty!

From left to right... Pastel Pink, Lemon Meringue and Lilac Dream which was the Ice Cream set I believe.  And then Beth's Blue which I've wanted since I saw it on Lacquerized (where I also saw Lemon Meringue and a couple others).

Mixed Up, Disco Mix and Purple Grey

...and the one I wanted most... Peacock Green!  So exciting!  I wanted to put them all on immediately, but I don't think they would make a good look all together, lol.  I will definitely be using these soon.


Katrina said...

so jealous! i want some models own polish too! haha

Eva said...

OMG!!! i too long for these foreign beauties :) great haul

Midge said...

@Katrina and @Eva - I know! I have been drooling at all the euro blogs. I finally just said I HAD to have them

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