July 27, 2011


This one reminded me of the beach, not sure why.  It's green and shimmery and it reminds me of the photos of the crystal clear water and the how the sand looks so warm and inviting.  I could use some of that about now, lol.

This is 3 coats of Maybelline Gentile Blossom.  I love this shade of minty green, it's so pretty.  And then it has the added bonus of shimmer!  It went on fairly well and had good coverage.  I felt like it needed something, so I added stripes with Stripe Rite White.

I think it turned out cute!  I like it.  And to me, it looks nice and summery.


Camy said...

very cute!

Reb Mintoff said...

Cute :D !
Think it's because they look a little bit like shells :D

Midge said...

@camy - thank you!

@admiral - you're right, it does look like shells... but the wrong color, LOL!

Iris said...

I really love you're nail art designs.
I'm now a follower from you're blog.

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